Nigeria Grassroot News was established to give voices to the marginalized opinions through adequate coverage of happenings at the grassroot level. Nigeria Grassroot News combines an innovative way of distributing news item through accessible and cost effective means.

Aside from authoritative and factual news items published on its platform, Nigeria Grassroots News also distributes its headlines directly to informed opinion leaders and other members of marginalised and identified communities

Many grassroots dwellers remain underserved, marginalised because of lack of adequate information. They are mostly disempowered when it comes to active participation with ability to mobilize critical influence that can change their fortune in the democratic process among other important factors. Issues affecting them hardly get covered and these in many ways disempower and suppress their potentials.

If the benefits of governance, democracy must be all-encompassing, with a global focus on leaving no one behind, grassroots dwellers must therefore be empowered, informed about central issues, ideologies and interests which enable them to be active citizens in their nation.